Forex Signals Deadly Sin 4: Getting Signals By Email Or Text Message

How you receive your Forex signals can determine if you are going to be successful using the signals or not. And in most cases, the signals delivery method that SEEMS to be the easiest or most convenient is really hiding an underlying flaw with the signals service itself. So, determining which method of receiving your Forex signals really can be counter-intuitive.

In this lesson I want to go over why you should not commit the Deadly Sin of getting your Forex signals by email or text message.

Forex Signals By Email

A lot of Forex signals services deliver their signals by email. On the surface, this seems pretty straightforward. You get a email when there is a Forex signals or trading instructions, you open the email and follow the instructions.

But in practice, this rarely works out correctly. While most email services are reliable, there are still delays or filters that can keep your emails from getting through. And all it takes is one missed email to destroy your ability to follow the signals correctly.

In order to get similar results as the Forex signals service you are following, you MUST follow every signals as close to perfect as possible.

Forex Signals By Text Message

Most people have cell phones these day. So, getting your signals by text messaging seems like an even better and more convenient option. You get a text message on your phone, and you follow the instructions.

But again, in practice this might not be as easy as it seems. A lot of people get A LOT of text messages. And it is easy for the signals to get lost in all the text message traffic from friends, family and work.

All it takes is one missed message to enter a trade, or one missed trade management message to destroy your ability to follow the signals perfectly.

The Underlying Problem With Receiving Forex Signals
By Email Or Text Message

Most signals services that offer Forex signals delivery by email or text messages promote this fact as if it is something beneficial. After all, what could be more convenient than getting signals delivered directly to your email or cell phone? But the truth is, there is a hidden problem with this type of signal delivery.

The reason the service needs to deliver their signals by email or text message is because the signals they provide are normally committing the first 3 Deadly Sins of Forex signals success.

  1. The signals don’t have a set trading time
  2. The signals require 24 hour attention and too much time to trade correctly
  3. The signals are focusing on less reliable Intraday signals on lower time frames

If you have not gone over these Forex Signals Deadly Sins, please do so now:

The point is… if you are committing any of the Forex Signals Deadly Sins, your chances of success are greatly reduced!

The Solution: Receive Forex Signals In A Member’s Area

In order to be able to get similar results as the Forex signals service you are following, you MUST be able to trade the signals properly. And the best way to ensure you trade the signals properly is to have a set trading time, spend less than 10 minutes a day trading and focus on signals off the more reliable higher time frames. And when you follow signals like this, there is no reason you need to get your signals by email or text message.

The reason Forex signals services need to send out emails or text messages is because they need to be able to contact their signals subscribers at any time over a 24 hour period, making the signals impossible to trade correctly. But when you get your signals at the same time every day, you can deliver the signals in a member’s area. At the trading time, you just login to your account from any computer and see what you need to do for the day.

Nothing could be simpler.

Don’t be fooled by the claims that getting your signals by email and text message is beneficial, more convenient and leads to being able to follow the signals easier. The need to deliver signals in this way normally is hiding a bigger problem with the signals and the fact you need to be available 24 hours a day to trade. And no matter how hard you try, this is just not going to work out.

In short, don’t commit the Deadly Sin of getting your Forex signals by email or text message.

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