Following The Bitcoin Signals

Forex Investing Live Signals makes it very easy for subscribers to follow our signals. ALL signals come out around the same time every day, which means there is no reason for missed signals. Around 5-5:30 PM New York time, the subscriber logs into the Member’s Area and checks to see if there is anything to do. (Both written instructions and chart snapshots with instructions are provided for all the signals we give).

If you need to get up to speed on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading, please check out my FREE Bitcoin Quick Start Guide.

In 2018 we have added two Bitcoin signals packages: Bitcoin Swing Signals and Bitcoin Trend Signals. Some people might be wondering, “Are there any differences when trading the Bitcoin signals”? There are a few, so let me go over them here.

Broker Considerations

Recently, a lot of brokers have been offering the trading of BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs. US Dollar). So, the first thing you must do is figure out what broker you want to use to trade Bitcoin. Please refer to this lecture in the Bitcoin Quick Start Guide: Bitcoin Broker Options

Trade Instructions

For the Forex trades, we have been giving the Entry Price and the Stop Loss and Take Profit in PIPS. The reason for this is because we are all not getting into the trade at the exact same time, so this will allow for the same basic trade setup at the price every subscriber is getting into the market.

If you are on the BTCUSD chart in Metatrader4, and use the Cross-hair tool to calculate pips, you’ll notice the numbers give are very large. For example, 1152094. Since the numbers are so large, I figure it is going to be easier to make a mistake when giving the signals. Therefore, I have decided to give the signals using the Price Levels.

For example,

  • (1/15) BUY @ 13,773.00
  • Stop Loss: @ 12,674.75
  • Take Profit: @ 19,913.68

So, the signals are going to reflect the price levels for Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Risk To Reward Ratios

One of the biggest differences between Bitcoin Signals and the Forex Signals is the the starting risk to reward ratios. Bitcoin Swing Signals start with a risk to reward of 1:5. (This means the take profit is placed at a level 5 TIMES the stop loss distance). Bitcoin Trend Signals start with a risk to reward ratio of 1:10. (This means the take profit is placed at a level 10 TIMES the stop loss distance).

The reason for this is because the Bitcoin market is very volatile and often gives BIG moves we can profit from. The ability to get winning trades with such great risk to reward ratios is the reason I started trading Bitcoin in the first place, and the reason I am offering the Bitcoin Signals to my subscribers. The potential profits are just too big to ignore.

If you are familiar with the way we provide signals at Forex Investing Live, adding the Bitcoin Signals to your portfolio should not be that big of a deal. Once you know what broker you are going to use to trade the signals, it is just a matter of logging in at trading time and seeing if there is anything for your to do.

To learn more about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading, please check out my FREE Bitcoin Quick Start Guide.

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